Quinoa Heat Data Explorer

This tool is brought to you by the Gehan Lab at the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center. For the code used to generate this app, please visit our Github . For more information on how the data was processed please refer to doi: https://doi.org/10.1101/131185 . To download the raw data go here:

Using this Tool

In the SAMPLE INFO tab see the available datasets and conditions

In the SEARCH AND BROWSE DATA tab above, you can search for genes of interest using by either the search bar or by uploading a .txt file with gene ids. Alternatively, you can use the data filters to browse the data.Once you have loaded or searched for your selections the data can be viewed and dowloaded. A plot of the data can be seen on the Plot Data tab once the plot button is hit.

In the PLOT DATA tab above, data selected from Select Data or Browse Data tabs is plotted

Sample Info

Notes for Reference XXX: Quinoa was grown xxx. Again, for more details sampling conditions, please refer to XXXXX(Pub/Preprint). Differentially expressed genes are between corresponding control (C1 and C11) and experimental samples:

Search Data with GENEID or GO

Search using small sets of GENEIDs

GENEIDs, Orthologs, or GO separated by a comma are allowed

Search using small sets of GO TERMS

Search using small sets of ORTHOLOG GENEIDs

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Search Data with File

Upload a file of GENEIDs, the GENEIDs should not be quoted, one line per geneid

Upload a file of ORTHOLOG GENEIDs, the ORTHOLOG GENEIDs should not be quoted, one line per geneid

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Browse and Filter Data


Download Selected Data

Plot Data

We restrict plotting to 1000 genes. Please download data from 'Search and Browse Data' tab or run a local installation of Quinoa Heat Explorer if you want to graph more genes.

Download Heatmap

Contact US

For questions or if you are interested in adding your own data contact Malia Gehan

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